Artisan House

Welcome to the interactive Archviz project called Artisan House, brought to you by ArciTech Inc. The project is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, allowing you to easily navigate and explore in real-time using ray tracing technology.

  • The house has various interactable features such as openable doors, drawers, and lights that can be turned on and off.
  • The ability to move freely through the space adds an extra layer of realism to the experience.
  • The project utilizes real-time ray tracing technology to create a realistic and immersive environment for you to explore the property.
  • The ability to turn on and off furniture within the model allows the viewer to analyze the sizes of all the spaces within the property. This allows a better understanding of how the space can be used.
  • The project allows you to easily take screenshots within the model using a keyboard shortcut. This makes it easy to capture and share your favorite views of the property in real-time.

The Interactive Archviz project allows potential buyers to explore the space in real-time and make any necessary customizations before making an offer. This can help increase buyer confidence and reduce the likelihood of costly surprises during the home inspection process.

Demonstration of Light Switch controls.

Demonstration of furniture visibility done in real-time.

Demonstration of fully raytraced reflections, life-like lighting, shadows and transparencies.

Demonstration of Interactive functionality for Doors, Cabinets, and Lights.

A walkthrough of the entire immersive experience – Artisan House.

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